The Wilderness Returns in RuneScape: Are you ready?

The Wilderness Returns in RuneScape: Are you ready?

Are you prepared for the ultimate risk verses reward MMO experience?

On February 1st ‘The Wilderness’, the most dangerous and high risk area of RuneScape, will be returning to the game. If you have little or no experience of RuneScape or of player-vs-player combat in the Wilderness then this is the guide for you.


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The Wilderness, for those who haven’t experienced RuneScape, is a barren landscape that dominates the north of the game world. It is an open player vs player (PvP) area where players can hunt down other players with the intention of killing them in PvP combat. The Wilderness can be explored by both members and non-members so everyone is free to put their combat skills to the test in the most dangerous area in RuneScape.


If you are a fan of PvP you will love the Wilderness but it isn’t for everyone, so it’s currently protected by a perimeter wall which acts as a warning to players of the dangers ahead. If you are brave enough to try, leap the Wilderness wall and prepare for battle.


Strategy and tactics are key to a successful wilderness campaign. If you want advice from seasoned players, then your best bet is to head over to Edgeville, just south of the Wilderness, where many players cluster and prepare before wandering into the Wilderness. You may even be able to find a PKing group of your own to back you up when you venture forth. Whatever your reason for entering the Wilderness, it is clear that you do so at your own risk. As it is an open PvP area you are in danger of being attacked and potentially dying at the hands of another player. Unlike other popular MMOs, dying in the Wilderness doesn’t just mean that you will re-spawn somewhere else. It will mean that upon death the items you are carrying and wearing will drop on the ground where they will be available for other players to pick up. Of course conversely, if you kill another player you get the immediate reward of gaining their items.


The Wilderness can be a thrilling, tempting risk; one that you could potentially reap great rewards from. You have to decide whether taking your expensive high level equipment will give you enough of an advantage to ensure that you are on the winning side of the “kill or be killed” mentality.


You might wonder why you would want to venture into the Wilderness at all, when high level players would clearly have the advantage but help is at hand. RuneScape has a number of things in place which are designed to stop low-level players from immediately dying at the hands of high-level players lying in wait at the borders of the Wilderness. There are three factors that affect who you can attack in the Wilderness: your combat level, your opponent’s combat level, and the depth of the Wilderness (which is indicated on your screen). The Wilderness stretches from a depth of level 1 to level 56, increasing as you head further north. P-king soon becomes the art of knowing which players to attack and who to leave well alone!


Eventually you may find yourself biting off more than you can chew with escape your only viable option. Although you might want to run away as fast as you can; things may not always be that simple. Teleport spells can get you out of a combat situation; however there is the danger that this will be countered by an opponent’s Teleblock spell, meaning your escape attempt will fail.


It isn’t all dangerous; there are some areas in the Wilderness which act as a safe haven, most notably the small area after the Wilderness wall and Daemonheim, the home of Dungeoneering. Reach these locations and your opponent will not be able to attack. Some of these areas do require that you are out of combat for ten seconds, however, so be aware that you may not be allowed in until that time has elapsed.


Now that you know the basics of the Wilderness do you think you are up to the challenge? Are you ready to tackle the epic wilderness? Why not create a free account at the official website. and jump in game. The Wilderness returns on February 1st so let battle commence.

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