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ARGO Online is a post-apocalyptic, steampunk-style MMORPG with RTS elements. Choose to become either the Noblian, apologists of technology and progress, or the Floresslah, living in symbiosis with nature.

ARGO Online is now shut down.


Eight Classes: Choose to play from eight diverse classes, each distinctly affected by the race you choose.

Redesigned Skills and PvP: Under a new publisher, ARGO now features redesigned and balanced skills, plus a rework of the PvP system.

Extensive MMO content: Unique gear, pets, mounts, guild battles, and more await the dedicated!

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Game Videos

  • Argo Online – Cinematic Trailer

    Argo, the steam-punk themed Free to Play MMO, is developed by Mgame.

  • ARGO Intro Trailer

    A short but sweet look at the story on which ARGO is based on.

  • ARGO: Floresslah Trailer

    The Floresslah are the nature-inspired rivals of the machinist Noblians, devoted to protecting mankind from the ravages of technology.

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