Mafia Block

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Mafia Block is a free-to-play adventure into the criminal world. Commit crimes, manage property, fight other players, and pay off the Don in a battle for criminal supremacy. When you're not on the job, explore, rest in the hospital, or train at the gym to further your criminal career.


Competitive PvP: Seek out other players and test your mettle in controlled battles. It's your choice who you fight, but be careful - making someone angry may end up placing a bounty on your head.

Multiple ways to advance: Train in the gym, take a class, explore the city, or take on a day-job to increase your character's potential.

Property management: Rent or own your own property to increase your will. Short on cash? Rent your property out to other players.

Gang up: Create a gang with friends, or join an existing gang. Gangs get special forum and shoutbox access, a gang vault, and the knowledge that someone else with a gun has got your back!

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