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CivWorld takes Sid Meier’s Civlization series, inplants it into a Facebook browser engine, and reorganizes it to make you feel like part of a community rather than an all powerful leader. Players unite with a larger empire and manage their plot of land for the greater good of the kingdom (and destruction of all others).


Pledge Allegiance: Ally with one of eight nation groups and fight for the dominance of your country through the eras.

Ages: Go from the stone age to the galactic age and learn new technologies, economic procedures, and military technology along the way.

Live Chat: Chat with other Facebook players in real time to plan the tactics of your nation to achieve victory.

Invasions: Build an army and take the fight to other Facebook members, then pillage their wonders and steal their technological secrets.

All good things come to an end: After completing all the ages, you will be judged based on fame points which add to your overall profile. Then you can start over again with new people and try to improve history once more!

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