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Feudon is a historically based MMORTS set in ancient Rome. You play as a leader that rises from humble beginnings, with the task of rebuilding an empire. Along the way, you'll explore ancient lands, such as Hispania, Egypt, Numidia, and the wilderness of the Gauls. Choose from hundreds of different heroes, and build an army from dozens of different troop types. All resources are gathered through combat, so it's important to minimize losses to your troops while maximizing your offense.


Compelling Storyline: Rise from the peasantry to become a leader, a general, and a ruler. Guide your people with wisdom and courage, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Historical Lands: Explore the Italian peninsula, Hispania, the wilds of Gaul, ancient Egypt, Numidia and Seleucid, and venture into the lands of the Eastern savages. The mysteries of the ancient world are yours to unravel.

Variety of Troops: Build an army from 10 different arrays, dozens of troop types, and hundreds of heroes. Utilize various formations to defeat your opponents, while keeping your casualties to a minimum.

Combat Resources: Resource generation doesn't come from a farm or quarry in Feudon. It comes from cold, brutal combat. Defeat your foes, and claim their goods as your own!

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