Empire Rising Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    NDOORS Interactive

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    2D Historical

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Empire Rising takes place at the peak of European war, the 1400s. Lead your nation to battle and claim all of Europe for yourself and your empire!


Conquer Europe: Empire Rising features a full map of the European continent for you to explore and rule. Will you take Rome as your own and rule from London to Constantinople, or will you be thwarted by the strength of their defenses?

Colonize Your Neighbors: The strong shall prey upon the weak! Empire Rising’s Colonization feature allows you to reign over your rivals. Colonies pay you a percentage tribute of their production; valuable resources you can put toward building your empire.

Advance Through the Ages: Start from the Dark Ages and advance through the Feudal and Castle Ages to reach the pinnacle; the Empire Age!

Build Your Council: What is a leader without his generals? Gather the strongest generals to your cause to build a powerful Council. Your general’s combined abilities bestow benefits upon your empire, from additional army defense to increased resource gathering.

Move up the Leaderboard: Compete against your friends and the world to establish yourself as the best, or worst, on the realm’s leaderboards. See how you stack up to your friends and enemies in terms of army strength, city prosperity, and colonization efforts.

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    Empire Rising Online is a European browser based strategy game in which you vie for control of the continent.

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