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Cultures Online takes the tried and true browser empire building model and gives it a chibi twist. Take control of a Viking village in this gorgeous cell-shaded strategy game. Only the brightest of Viking leaders will survive to enjoy the new age of prosperity in Europe.


Deep Hero Customization: Each hero is unique, specializing in various combat styles. In order to conquer your foes, you will need to understand these strengths and weaknesses and command your heroes appropriately. From equipment to formations, the choice if yours.

Technology Tree: A Viking can’t stay primitive forever and expect to keep Europe quaking in fear. Use your resources to progress your technology tree, unlocking new buildings.. and weapons!

Tribe System: A Viking knows he is nothing without a good man to cover his flank. Form together with your friends to make a tribe and wage war or seek rare treasures together.

Large World Map: All of the Eurasian continent can be at your command, if you wield the power to control it.

RPG Elements: You can customize your heroes through leveling as well as assigning them to various tasks, ensuring unique progress for each hero.

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  • Cultures Online Trailer

    Cultures Online brings a the world of Vikings to life, chibi-style.

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