Deepworld Online

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    Bytebin LLC

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    PC, MAC, iOS

Deepworld is a 2D crafting adventure game with a persistent, online sandbox universe. It's built in the cloud, so you can join up with your friends at any time to journey through the depths, create new worlds, or visit other players' fabulous creations - on your Mac, and soon your iOS devices and PC, too!


Explore the World(s): Journey through vast mountains, caves, and ruins while collecting crafting materials, fighting baddies, or even checking out some custom maps built by other players!

Collect and Craft: Tear down part of one world and build another with it. Deepworld's crafting system is robust and features tons of inventory space to ensure it doesn't stand in the way of your imagination.

RPG Elements: Complete objectives to unlock achievements and skill points used to buff up your character's crafting or combat abilities.

Ecosystem: Players can repair ancient technology to restore hurting ecosystems, ensuring an ever changing dynamic world.

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