Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Maestia takes place on an island deserted by God. A human has turned on God claiming himself as king! The ‘Maestone’ contains the power of the vanished God. Among thousands of Maestone pieces, the hero who collects all seven of the most powerful Maestones will be allowed to stand on the Island of the Heaven.


1. You can enforce skills by merging Maestones and wearing them besides default job skills. The Maestone System will enable you to cast powerful attacks to your opponents at an early stage.
2. The new Enchant System can be enjoyed depending on options and rank.
3. The Enchant Transfer System will allow the players to move the enchant information to stronger and better items as the character grows.
4. To the controls at the tip of your finger to brainy strategies, enjoy the boundless possibilities of the Skill System never seen before in any MMORPG.
5. Easy to browse interface for first time MMORPG players
6. Various battle modes (RvR / GvG / PvP)
7. Instant Dungeons on all maps.
8. User communities such as Guilds, Add Friend utility, and Chat System.
9. Fun quests to collect all seven keys to unlock the scenario.

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  • Maestia Intro

    Enjoy this very exciting teaser intro to Maestia.

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