OnRPG Shotgun News 7/31: E3, Maplestory, and Maestia

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/31: E3, Maplestory, and Maestia

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



E3 to Stay in Los Angeles

The ESA has confirmed that Los Angeles will remain the hosts of E3 at least for the next three years. There was some speculation that E3 would move after rumors surfaced that the LA Convention Center where E3 is held would be demolished and replaced by a sports arena. This is of course great news here at OnRPG as we still hold the home court advantage on future coverage of the venue!



The Last Summer Update Comes To MapleStory


This has been a summer of updates for MapleStory. The most recent update “Fight for Azwan” is the final update for the summer. It introduces a new party and solo PvE mode where players are recapturing the city of Azwan. It has four levels of difficulty; Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell. In addition there are new timed game modes which reward experience and Azwan coins which can be traded for items in the new Azwan shop.



Maestia Officially Launches in the US

After a brief event filled beta test, Gravity Interactive has decided to push forward and fully launch Maestia stateside. To celebrate the launch of the cash shop, they have implemented a rare monster that will drop tickets redeemable for prizes, some of which are normally only obtained in the cash shop! The Summer Festival is now also in full swing so get to collecting tickets to redeem some sweet prizes.



But the biggest update of all is the introduction of hybrid PvPvE zones in which players can farm freely during the day, but take part in epic night battles ranging anywhere from 30 vs 30 to 80 vs 80!

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