Maestia: Rise Of Keledus Dubs New “Skies of Palus”

Maestia: Rise Of Keledus Dubs New “Skies of Palus”


Maestia Skies of Palus


Gravity Interactive has announced that the latest game update has added new features and a level cap, arrived an exciting new zone to Maestia: Skies of Palus. Players can now treat themselves to a sneak peek at the update trailer and Maestia will be holding special event with exclusive prizes for its players.



Maestia challenges like the new battlegrounds, new raids, and new max-level dungeons, player will be happy to know that the latest patch, titled The “Skies of Palus”. Players can now queue for instanced PvP at the level cap, square off against dangerous foes in raid bosses by retuning the encounters to make it extremely challenging and unforgiving for unprepared parties, and test their mettle against three new top-tier instances.


Maestia Lake Of Hope


“Maestia is fantasy free-to-play and our players can now customize their Heroes. Skies of Palus will a new dungeon instance with two sets of difficulty,” said Alex Kim, Producer for Maestia at Gravity Interactive US Office. “Also included will be an expanded skill tree for every class that will give players new skills for these new encounters!”



Sometimes you need a good partner to help you go through the toughest zones in Maestia. With the new mercenary feature, face new challenges by employing your other characters to help you out. Max out both characters to the new level cap and receive a cool prize!



If you’re still looking for something to do after you’ve conquered all the new content, Maestia is hosting a Lineage of the guild PvP tournament that of course, RvR will never be the same! Participate will need to be not knocking on its Golem in the new Golem Defender PvP mode and wins some awesome prizes!

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