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MonsterMMORPG takes the tried and true formula brought to us in Pokemon and sets it into a browser based MMO setting for your enjoyment. Catch thousands of monsters, train them to perfection, and battle the computer or friends all within the comfort of your browser of choice.


The Beginning: Choose your 2D avatar to represent you in the overworld, as well as one of 13 starting monsters.

Massive World Map: Explore hundreds of maps with different monsters and difficulty levels to challenge your skills. Keep an eye out for those legendary and Zenith monsters while adventuring!

Detailed Battles: Experience a plethora of stats and figures as your monster does battle with opponents. Utilize dozens of items to bolster your monster in battle. Sometimes the smarter trainer can overcome a more powerful foe!

Open Market: Trade for the best monsters around or use your hard earned coin to capture the monsters that have eluded your collection.

Player Ranking: Think you can be the best? Take on other trainers in real time and fight your way to the top of the scoreboards!

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