Pirate Galaxy

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    Splitscreen Studios

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A galaxy in turmoil. The Mantis have gained supremacy over the mining colonies and are exploiting the only remaining cryonite deposits.

Board your starship and fight alongside other outlaw pilots to hunt down the alien transports, loot their valuable cargo, and reclaim the colonies!

Have you got what it takes to conquer a galaxy?
You can purchase new starships and customize them individually, choosing from hundreds of modifications and upgrades. To hunt down and destroy your enemies more effectively, you can team up with other players from around the globe. As you and your clan mates explore the galaxy and travel to distant planets, you will gain access to new technology and cooler ship enhancements. Prove yourself in tournaments and epic clan battles, and conquer entire planets. Can you unravel the secrets left behind by an ancient alien civlization and become the most renowned space pirate in the galaxy?

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