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The Sims Social is a facebook based browser game that brings the world of The Sims into a casual social platform. Customize your Sim and then fight for your dreams, stir up trouble, develop relationships with NPCs and Facebook friends, and maybe even find your soulmate.

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    The Sims Social is a facebook browser game created by EA.

Game Articles

  • jennifer

    Why did they removed the sims social from facebook?

    • KOOLGUY® (PT)

      They said that the number of players that were playing the game were decressing, so they took out the game, wich I liked. Electronic Assholes is what they are.

    • hi

      i know its crazy…
      i loved that game!!

      • Black Leg Luffy

        :C i was really into the sims social game

        • :D

          yeah! i really loved that game. in the sims 2 there are no such things as new stuff! and updates

          • Mutsuki

            Me too.But I seems to have a ability:when I love a restaurant,it must closed,when I like the person,he/she will ignore me,as when I love certain application or games,they must be closured sooner or later,that shows the affection of mine have to ruin the world.

  • juventina

    fainas zaidimas bet kad neveikiata tame ir yra beda

    • Marius Gerulis

      Jo :((

  • Allison Rush


  • korbíšek

    No že mi to na fb vůbec nejde spustit

  • deathscoll

    the secret scroll is illuminati so don’t play it

  • usman

    why did they remove sims social from FB

  • dylboy123

    I know its annoying

  • Nikki de Mey

    Im getting crazy , i loved that game so much , they need to find another site , only for the sims games!!

  • Guest

    Put the game in PV now!!
    was so nice!!
    why remove it;

  • Xristina

    Put the game in fb now!!
    was so nice!!
    why remove it;

  • Jan van Es


  • YouDon’tHaveToSayGoodbye

    OMG, I loved this game!!!

  • รักเทอร์ เท่าฟ้า

    How I get the game?

  • รักเทอร์ เท่าฟ้า

    Anyone can play on this website?

  • tomas

    I want to kill EA for doing this to me

  • Milan Junior Neymar

    Where can play The sims socal …
    On Facebook not go why ?

  • Megan

    where is the game?

  • Megan

    Where else can I play for free on pc, and without download?

  • David

    it wont let me play

  • ninie

    I like that game but where can I find this free game again? please tell me

  • keke

    how i can donwload free the sims social…..the sims social in facebook have baned, why?