Absolute Force Online Open Beta Date Announced

Absolute Force Online Open Beta Date Announced


Absolute Force Online


Net Dragon Websoft Inc. announces the open beta for the highly anticipated MMOFPS, Absolute Force Online will begin on December 19th at 5pm PST. Absolute Force Online has eight different realistic and intense game play modes available that will keep a players adrenaline pumping. Whether you are looking for the traditional game play modes like Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch, or Squad Mode, AFO has it all. For both Arsenal and Vehicle Modes, which are exclusive to AFO, players are rewarded with better gear for every player killed or recreate your own Apache vs. Mi-24 battles. There are so many options available to players. Players will battle with players from around the globe to become the best of the best. Absolute Force Online is now available to all players and is free-to-play.



Since the successful launch of the closed beta on November 14th, currently there are over 10,000 players enjoying Absolute Force Online. The AFO Development team has been happily overwhelmed with all the feedback from current players. The feedback has been taken seriously and changes will be implemented into the game according to the player’s requests during the open beta. AFO development team is dedicated to continue the improvement of the gaming experience for the AFO community. New content will be available during the open beta including new maps and new weapons for players to enjoy.



During the launch of open beta all previous characters created during closed beta phase will be deleted to ensure that all players start off equally in the game. But characters that are created during the open beta stage will not be deleted once game is fully released.

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