Angels Online: Advanced Sets Preview

The Angels Online ( team will be displaying some advanced sets today.
Each advanced set usually contains 3-5 pieces of equipment. These advanced sets can greatly increase players’ stats, especially when players wear the complete set. So far, these advanced sets are the most powerful equipment in Angels Online.

Titan’s Courage is the most suitable set for warriors. With 3 pieces of the set, players’ HP will be increased 350. With 4 pieces of the set players’ can increase the defensive power of each stat by 15, and with a complete set your HP will increase by 5%. As a qualified MT, players should own this set. In order to obtain this precious set, players’ should beat the mighty bosses in Nightmare Cave, and collect enough Dream Pieces to find an appointed NPC and exchange for the set.

MP is commonly considered the Mage’s second life. A complete Battle Poem set will increase MP by 5%. The Shining Sign set is also awesome, with 3 pieces magic defense can increase by 40, and with a complete set MP will increase by 300. Players can obtain the set by beating the 4 powerful bosses in Nightmare Cave.
Players who choose collection as their class can also obtain a suitable advanced set, the Space Infinite set. A complete set can decrease collection time by 10%, and increase load and MP by 1000 and 200 respectively.
More fun and amazing equipment are waiting for players to discover!

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