Angels Online: Chaos Skills Preview

Angels Online ( is a cute MMORPG brought to you by IGG ( The new edition Eden was released a short time ago. Most Angels Online players have reached a high level after hard training. Meanwhile, they can continue to learn more unique skills from NPCs. The game offers all players a chance to learn skills from different professions at the same time.

Today, the AO team has been kind enough to briefly introduce the popular Chaos skills of the Priest class to players. Priests with Chaos skills have been popular with most players since the closed beta was released. Priests have powerful DPS. Meanwhile, Priests can restore HP while dealing damage to enemies, if Priests learn life skills with Chaos at the same time. Priests can be invaluable if a team wants to attack monsters in an instance.

Freeze Trap: Players can learn Freeze Trap 5 and freeze the target for a longer time while PKing or killing monsters.

Ice Storm: The attack ability of Ice Storm has been enhanced. Other players will be terrified by the sight of it.

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