Angels Online FatherÂ’s Day Event

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and Angels Online Team ( from IGG is preparing some special in-game activities for our players.

Super Papa (the name of the NPC involving in this event) hopes that he can obtain kind wishes from his lovely players. All players have a chance to obtain a wonderful gift from their Super Papa if they send his flowers and best wishes on that special day. More than that, players may obtain a rare pet egg and ride from the Super Papa if you are lucky enough.

Event Content:

1. The Super Papa will go to a location in the Angel Lyceum at random. Angels need to find the Super Papa as soon as possible and then trade flowers with him.

2. At the same time, Angels can send their best wishes to the Super Papa with the Super Broadcasting. It will increase your amity with the Super Papa.

3. The Super Papa will give Angels a wonderful gift according to their wishes and the number of flowers. If you are lucky enough, you may obtain a rare pet egg and ride from the Super Papa. Meanwhile, the Super Papa will announce the Angels’ names who have obtained mounts or rare eggs in the in-game announcements.

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