Angels Online: Fiery Cerberus Shakes Eden

Angels Online’s official team is excited to announce that Fiery Cerberus, the Patron Beast of Dark City, has arrived in Eden. It is the first of the terrible creatures of Dark City to make its appearance in the game.


As a beast brought forth from legend, this Patron Beast has abilities that other mounts in Eden can only dream of, and as for its looks, well, it certainly turns heads.



Cerberus Lightning


Huge Size

The first thing other Angels seem to notice is its huge size compared with others, it is barrel chested and seems capable of crushing the skulls of any who oppose it. The next thing that attracts attention is its talons. Protruding from each paw are long sharp claws that tear at the ground as it passes. Look up and you’re confronted with 3 fierce heads, each bearing a grim grin that says, “I’m going to eat you, and I’ll smile while I chew.”

Running Cerberus Mount


Awesome Attributes

Remember, this is no typical mount, as a special mount, it possesses attributes equal to that of Level 90 top mounts, and its 52% speed bonus is certain to give your hair that roguish ‘I drive a convertible Corvette’ look.


Cerberus Shining


No Level Limitation

Last but not least, there are no pesky level limitations! Even a newbie player can travel around Eden on a Fiery Cerberus. Although anyone mounted on one of these sure isn’t going to be treated like a newbie.


When We Meet in Angels Online


Last week, the first 20 Fiery Cerberus’ available in the Angels Online Shell Mall flew off the shelves faster than you could say ‘Snap!’. So if you’re currently drooling on your keyboard, first grab a handiwipe, then head on over to the Angel’s Online official website for information about their new events. The prizes will be some of the last remaining Fiery Cerberus’! 


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