Angels Online: Game Feature Preview

Angels Online (, the new MMORPG from IGG ( has been anxiously anticipated by tons of players since it was first announced. Today the AO team is going to give players a sneak preview of some of the game features.
Various Skill Combinations and a Flexible Class System
Angels Online will offer players nearly 40 Class Skills and hundreds of spells, which will definitely allow their players to pursue their ideal classes. They will have different class titles if they adopt different special skill combinations. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of items and weapons, and a complete Paper Moppet System, so players have tons of things to do in game.
Creative Robot System
Players will also see cute robots in Angels Online. These special robots can not only benefit their collection, but also can help them to fight against loathsome monsters. The fat cat and the doggie robots are very eye-catching and unique, and, in addition, there are cute penguin robots and teddy bear robots.If players like cute characters, they shouldn’t miss the special Robot System.
Fight for the Totem
A totem in game is not just a status symbol. A guild which owns a totem is the host of a corresponding territory, and can monopolize the resources there. Those players who have good performance during a battle will be offered various equipment and awarded all kinds of titles, which will give players a strong sense of achievement. Additionally, players can upgrade their totem to make it more powerful, so obtaining a totem will mean a lot to a guild.
Mounts, Pets, and Mini-Games Let You Have Fun
Players can ride various cute animals such as turtles, little pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the fascinating world. During battle, their pets can not only help them to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful. Additionally, players can play some mini-games in Angels Online such as 5 in a Row!, Bingo and Sikitcha when they are tired of killing monsters.
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