Angels Online: House Building System Preview

The folks at Angels Online have announced the coming release of their new expansion, House Party. As the name suggests, this version is less focused on monster killing and more focused on character personalization.
This personalization has advanced from simple changes of clothes, and now extends to a house that players can purchase, as well as all the things that go in a character’s house. Let’s take a glance at the brand new house system today.
1.      House Types
There are three basic types of houses to choose from- Cottage , Fine House and Garden Villa.
2.      Furniture Types
There are 14 types of furniture including exterior landscaping, wall decorations, floor decorations, beds, cupboards, tables & chairs, potted flowers etc.
3.      House Attributes
Magic:  Consists of Mana value and furniture bonuses.
Cleanliness: Displays how clean a house is.
Popularity: Based on the other players’ recommendation and votes. So be nice and invite your friends to an open house!
4.      House Functions
Different level houses will have different functions.
Ball System: Depending on the house level, the homeowner can hold balls regularly. The host will be awarded certain amounts of EXP, and guests will obtain special abilities bonus after the party ends.
Raise-a-Pet Room: Depending on the house level players can raise a certain amount of pets in a special room. This room will raise the pets automatically, in addition to the basic production, Facture Machine and Suft’s Mailbox functions.
Baby-monster Room: Depending on the house level, special monster eggs put inside will be born and raised automatically.
Labor System: Use an Employed Soldiers’ Token to call an Employed Soldier to aid you in battle.
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