Angels Online: Marriage Quest Introduction

The first expansion of Angels Online ( from IGG is coming around the corner, and the new marriage system has drawn lots attention of players. Today Angels Online Team will give us a brief introduction on marriage quest in new expansion “Eden”.

1. Marriage Quest:
After the releasing of expansion, players can get this quest from the Marriage Angel in the Angel Lyceum. There are two different quests for the groom and bride.

a) Groom Quest
You should talk with the Star Soul in Cactus Plain and get the quest. You will be given Sunlight Tear as a reward after finishing the quest. Then submit both the Sunlight Tear and Dew Crystal from your beloved to the Marriage Angel to get the necessities for the wedding.

b) Bride Quest:
Look for the Dewy Flower and help her to deal with her difficulties to get the Dew Crystal. After that, you need to give the Dew Crystal to your beloved.

2. Wedding Process:
1) There are two different wedding ceremonies: Simple Wedding and Luxurious Wedding. To make a Luxurious Wedding you should buy special item from the Item Mall while holding a Simple Wedding does not. But both of these wedding ceremonies will be held in the church.
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