Angels Online: Mysterious Area Event Guide

Angels Online ( ), an amazing MMORPG from IGG ( has been released for about half a year. With hundreds of thousands of AO players’ support, the “Eden” expansion has been fast tracked for early release.

To go with the new expansion, the brand new “Mysterious Area” event has been released as well. Today the AO team is going to give their players a sneak preview of the new event.

This new area is just as mysterious as the name implies. It is a secret and wild part of Eden that has yet to be fully explored or understood. Players should talk to the Assoc.Scholar (NPC), and obtain an indispensable item called the Dawn Area Ticket in order to enter the area. Players from the Production class will be able to obtain some rare materials, meanwhile players from the Fighting class are able to obtain more experience, gold as well as cool equipment from monsters.

The “Mysterious Area” event has started today, and it will end on May 29th.
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