Angels Online: Mysterious Area in Lost Atlantis Preview #1

Beautiful scenes and various monsters are only part of Angels Online. Today the folks from Angels Online team are going to provide a series of detailed preview of all mysterious areas in the new expansion Lost Atlantis.

In a word, the Totem Battle is a unique PVP system in Angels Online and the mysterious areas are materials monopolized by those guilds which have occupied the relative totems.

The battle is a competition among the 4 factions, with guilds fighting for the chance to capture the totems on the 12 maps. It’s held each Wednesday and Saturday. Only by winning battles can guilds monopolize the new territories-these mysterious areas.

Apart from the original mysterious areas, the guild which occupies the [Dragon Graveyard], [Thorn Wasteland] and [Thunder Ruins] can obtain an extra advanced mysterious area where the levels of the monsters and materials are higher than those in the previous territories. This area is geared towards higher level players.

What’s more, production players can easily collect a lot more materials. There are no aggressive monsters in the mysterious areas, so lower level players can level up fast by defeating them. Players can talk to the NPC “Manor Keeper” to enter the mysterious areas.

Production players can collect Level 51-81 materials after they enter the advanced mysterious area. The bank here helps players to deposit materials they collect. For fighting players, the passive monsters in the mysterious area not only helps them level up fast but also helps their pets accumulate experience. What’s more, monsters with high drop rates are available for all players on each Saturday.

1. Level 31-40 monsters: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
2. Level 41-50 monsters: 7:00pm to 8:00pm
3. Level 51-60 monsters: 8:00pm to 9:00pm
4. Special BOSSes: They will only appear once after 9:00pm. However, their attack abilities and drops are considerable.

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