Angels Online: New Items for Totem Battle & Wartime Journalists Needed

With the Totem Battle opening and Double Experience activity going on, this time Angels Online ( from IGG would like to give players some pleasant surprises.
In order to make players appear in battle wearing the best equipment and riding cool mounts, the AO team has prepared some cool new items in the Item Mall. The new items include some cool lucky bags as well as new paper dolls. It’s for sure these items will add more fun to your gaming experience.
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During the upcoming Totem Battle the AO team is looking for wartime journalists to document and report on what happens during the events. If your character has the courage to stay right on the front lines during battle, do not hesitate to apply.

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Totem Battle is actually a PVP battle between 2 leagues, with 1 league defending the totem, and the other attacking it. Player’s leagues can occupy certain territories by destroying the totems during an attack. After occupying the territory, players are able to deal with traders, exploit special materials, accept special quests, and challenge special Bosses.

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