Angels Online Rewarded Event: Macro Economic Market Regulation

With all the new events and promotions going on, Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted more and more new players.

Have you been worried about overcharging when buying items? The AO official team today brings an “Advised Price” event to deal with this kind of cheating in the game. They are earnestly inviting some veterans to share their precious shopping experience with our beginning players.

Starting Time: March 31st-April 15th

Event Rewards: Mysterious Prize

Event Rules:
1. You need to post the item names and the corresponding average prices in our forum. Your post should contain the Server Name, Character Name, Item Names, and suggested prices. (If the items you write down come from the Item Mall, you should mark both the price in our Item Mall and in game. In addition, you should tell us the exchange ratio for Angle Gold to Gold.)
2. Apart from the content above, we hope you will offer more details.
3. Your posts should be related to the event.
4. Posts containing unhealthy content will be instantly rejected.

For more information please visit the official forum at

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