Angels Online: Robot System

Since the Angels Online Robot System was first announced, it has become a special feature attracting many players. Today the Angels Online team from IGG is going to tell you a little bit more about the Robot System.
Many genius scientists live in Iron Castle where the most developed science and technology centers are located. The robots invented here are specifically designed for the Collection class. Afterwards this technology was widely accepted by other factions due to its’ practical value.
Robots can be equipped with weapons and collection tools, and are also a good transportation tool.

These special robots can not only benefit players’ collection, but also can help them to fight against all types of loathsome monsters. They can help those characters who have low attack power and defense fight against powerful monsters.

Red Cat Drive Robot, Pink Dog Drive Robot: These two robots are for those who are new to this game. Simple construction and functionality make these two easy for players to control.
Black Cat Battle Robot, Purple Dog Battle Robot: These two robots are for those who are more adept at controlling robots. Although the controls are a little bit more complicated, these two will definitely help you with your collection and fights.
Penguin Robot, Youmans Robot: These two are exceptional among all the available robots. These two robots are specifically designed for mysterious people, and no one knows what special functions they are sure to possess.
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