Angels Online: Special Egg, Special Train

Angels Online team from IGG has prepared another funny event, offering their players abundant rewards and lots of fun. AO players are welcome to take part in this cool new event from now until the server maintenance on March 26th.
Event Content
1.      [Lad Jack], [Artist Nary] and [Profiteer Manny] will come to [Puqi Village] for the event.
2.      Players can obtain [Wheat Grass], [Sweet Corn] and [Fat Worm] by collecting materials and killing monsters.
3.      Players can give [Wheat Grass], [Sweet Corn] or [Fat Worm] to [Profiteer Manny] with 100 Gold and he will give you [Wheat Grass Feed], [Corn Feed] or [Worm Feed].
4.      After eating [Wheat Grass Feed], [Corn Feed] or [Worm Feed], Lad Jack’s hen can lay two [Nourishing Eggs], [Healthy Eggs] or [Energetic Eggs] according to the feed it’s eaten. Lad Jack will give every player one egg as reward.
5.      Items of the [Egg Series] can help players finish the event.
6.      [Profiteer Manny] may try to cheat you with his [Wonder Egg]. Angels can bring [Golden Spray-paint] and the [Egg] to [Artist Nary] and ask him to make a [Gold Egg] for you. Then you can exchange the [Wonder Egg] you got from [Profiteer Manny] with the [Gold Egg] and teach him a lesson.
7.      [Profiteer Manny] may see through the scheme when you try to cheat him. Then, he will not give you a Wonder Egg. Instead, he will ask some pirates to fight with you. After killing the pirates, you will obtain one part of the [Sea Manhood Set] at random. You can exchange the whole Sea Manhood Set for a [Giant Rose] or a [Giant Crusader’s Pick] from [Jack].
8.      The Giant Crusader’s Pick is a magic but heavily damaged tool obtained from a giant. It will become useless after the event ends. During the event, players have a chance to obtain [Top Pearls] by digging underwater materials on Puqi Island or in other ocean areas. (Giant Crusader’s Picks can be put away in the bag.)
9.      [Artist Nary] on Puqi Island has a crush on Teny and would like to chase after her. If players give Nary some [Giant Roses], they can obtain a [Nary’s Honoraria].
10.  [Artist Nary] loves [Teny] very much. He knows that [Top Pearls] are Teny’s favorite. In order to woo Teny, Nary wants to collect a lot of Top Pearls to make a beautiful pearl necklace for Teny. Players can exchange 200 [Top Pearls] for a [Top Pearl Card] from [Artist Nary].
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