Angels Online: Surprises in March

With many captivating events going on smoothly, Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted more players. In order to give something back to their players’ for their continued support, Angels Online team will be holding some fun-filled events.

Event 1: Lad Jack and Hen

Event Time: From the server maintenance March 20th to the server maintenance April 24th .

Event Background: [Lad Jack] has a hen which can lay an egg every day. However, the hen became weak after an illness and was unable to lay eggs any longer. Lad Jack had to come to the Angel Lyceum and ask for help. The doctor said the hen was malnourished. Hence, Lad Jack hopes that players can help him bring [Feed] for the hen. For more information about the event visit them at:

Event 2: Double Experience

The release of the Double Exp event has been warmly welcomed by players, so Angels Online team has decided to extend the event. During the Double Exp event this weekend, players who belong to the Production classes will be able to obtain 2x Exp when collecting materials, and at the same time their collection and production speed will be increased. For more information about the event visit them at:

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