Angels Online: Top 5 Male Overview

The Lost Atlantis, the new expansion for Angels Online continues the cute game style with many beautiful female NPCs and handsome male NPCs having been added into the game. Today, the Angels Online team from IGG will be discussing the top 5 Male NPC in game.

Michael has no worries about his place atop the rankings. And, truth be told, he is in an enviable position. As the leader of the Angel Lyceum, he is knowledgeable and elegant. He has made large contributions to the Angel Lyceum both in battle, in management and as an example and role model to young Angels everywhere. Enemies of Eden tremble at the mention of his name and he is the primary reason that the forces of Good always seem to have the upper hand in battle after battle.

Terra Keeper
As a protector of the totem, Terra Keeper is always respectable in players’ eyes. He has a body strong as steel and he can move as quickly as eagles. Although he is always serious, he is always willing to give players a hand when they are in danger.

Diving Coach Nira
After the new expansion was released, players were able to easily find this lonely NPC in the south of Puqi Village. 80% of the total area of Atlantis is covered by the raging ocean. If players would like to adventure in this mysterious area, they have to learn the diving skill from Nira. Although he looks a little weak, he is like a fish in the water. Growing up near the sea for such a long time, he feels ties to the crashing of waves and the taste of salt in the air.

Smith Waliz
Demons like to hide under the deepest parts of the ground because of the abundant treasure. Smith Waliz and his wife constantly manufacturing high-level equipment in Hell Palace far underground all the time. They have no choice. Those rare and super materials can only be found in the worst environments.

Voyage Officer
The navigation of Eden has reached its peak now because Atlantis possesses vast uncharted areas of ocean. The Voyage Officer is one of the excellent voyagers from Eden. He spent years of his life adrift on the sea and has experienced all that sea life has to offer. However, he is very tough man and his vast experience gives him more courage.

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