Class Features of Zu Online( Description plus Artwork)


Sun Warrior, with their strong wills and iron bodies, is one of the strongest clans in the secondary world. If you engage in a fight against them, you’d better keep the distance for no one escapes from the fight unharmed.


Moonmaiden is quick and skillful in the secondary world. They can gain the initiatives using special magic abilities, such as trapping enemies and turning invisible to sneak up on their enemies.


Swordsman is one of the largest clans in the secondary world. They are good at long distance fighting. With the help of the Bead Fairy, they are able to take the most advantage of their swordfighting skills to fight against the enemies.

Bead Fairy
Bead Fairy belongs to a peaceful clan. They are very popular in the secondary world because of their ability to cure the injured and put enemies in a coma to defeat them without fighting.


Summoner is a different species in the secondary world. They are able to summon the ghosts from hell to fight for them and torture the enemies by poison and magic scroll.

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