Zu Online Major Update Details

Details Emerging on Next Major Update
Though the developers of Zu Online are focusing their attention on the next major update to the game, some details are now available on version 1.12.
New Features
The new version will introduce Wind Calamity content. The dev team has finished rearranging and overhauling Sharpwind Castle, the hardcore zone where players can challenge the Wind Calamity. To be eligible, players must be level 180+ and have overcome the Thunder Calamity and Fire Calamity. Design work on the first two quests in Sharpwind Castle has been completed. In addition, the monsters in the castle have been strengthened, and pets can no longer be mounted in the castle.
As for other new features, the level cap is being increased to 265, and new talents are being added to each class. The dev team is also adding more monsters and NPCs to new zones so players can complete quests more quickly.
To improve class balance, the Sun Warrior, Moonmaiden, and Swordsman classes are modified. The effect duration and cooldown of the Sun Warrior’s Heavenshot and Heaven Hegemony spells have been adjusted. The Moonmaiden’s attack power has been increased. Swordsman changes have not yet been finalized, but two methods are currently in testing. Raising the Swordsman’s defense and maximum health is one possibility. The other is extending the Swordsman’s attack range and increasing their attack speed. Bead Fairy and Summoner modifications are also on the drawing board.
Also in testing is a change to refund 30% of the Mystic Stones used to create an equipable item when it is disenchanted using a Disenchanting Furnace. A final percentage has not yet been decided upon.
Beginning players can look forward to new route signs to the Blue Mountain and Ghost Canyon to help them find their way. The dev team is also adding more instructions to teach players about the daily reward system and spirit training function.
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