Dragon Nest Opens the Theater of War Today!

Dragon Nest Opens the Theater of War Today!




Nexon is adding new PvP game modes and upgrades to Dragon Nest today as part of a new content update, “Theater of War.” The update for its popular online action RPG also includes two challenging new dungeons for high level players and a host of other game improvements.



For a list of the new PvP modes and tweaks, check out last week’s announcement article here. Also don’t miss the Theater of War teaser trailer.



Additionally, players can now purchase Dragon Eggs (Gachapon) from the Dragon Vault, and each egg has a chance of containing a Royal Crimson Stallion, the game’s first mount. Players will be the envy of their peers as they strut through town on top of this magnificent beast, which also grants a 70 percent movement speed bonus in town and fields.



It wouldn’t be a proper Thanksgiving without Black Friday deals, and Dragon Nest players will have a slew of deals to look forward to beginning Friday, Nov. 25. For every 500,000 dungeons that Dragon Nest players collectively complete from now until Friday, Nexon will unveil a new Black Friday promotion on the game’s website!

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