Dragonica Europe gets a spooky makeover this Halloween

Between October 22nd and November 5th, a simple automatic patch gives players logging into Dragonica a treat! For these two weeks, all the major towns including Odellia, Port of the Winds, Libra, Fungoid Village, Ellora Camp and Ash Mist Village have had a spooky Halloween makeover!

A brand new quest NPC called Randy has also been added into the game. He’s had some Halloween trouble and needs your help, and in return for assisting him with the new quest chain, players can earn a great Halloween themed weapon for their characters!
There are also a number of new Halloween related quests and a selection of new monsters including Werewolves, Vampires and Pumpkin Heads swarming over the lands. They will all be dropping unique consumable Halloween items. Finally, a very special Halloween Achievement is now available for players who wish to attempt it.


 Dragonica Online - Pumpkin Field

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