GodsWar Headwear Show

GodsWar Online provides players with special headwear to use, such as the Laurel, Gem Hand, Cap, headgear, Mask and Great Guard. They are a combination of fashion, classical style, luxuriance and practicality. Please read the below descriptions to know more.

It is a defensive weapon made of bronze.

Full Helm:
It is made of bronze with Spartan technology and is used for protecting the head.

Great Helm:
It is a magic helm that fills the wearer with a sense of bravery.

Great Guard:
It is a huge helm with very good protective ability. Wearing it represents the highest honor of warriors.

It is a rough cap made of common flax.

It has certain protective abilities.

It makes female characters more attractive and is favored by many female players.

It demonstrates the wearer’s identity, status and dignity.

Elder’s Cap:
Only the most outstanding and recognized scholars in Greece can wear it.

It is a circlet made of olives. It is said the wearer will be protected by Athena.

Laurel: It is a circlet made of laurels. It is said the wearer will be protected by Apollo.

It is a circlet made of flowers. It is said the wearer will be protected by Aphrodite.

Head Hand:
It is a gift from the Gods; enhancing the character’s balance ability.

Gem Hand:
It is a gem-studded circlet with magical powers and is dreamed of by many people

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