GodsWar Online: New Trojan Arena PvP Blurs Faction Lines

GodsWar Online: New Trojan Arena PvP Blurs Faction Lines

In Greek mythology MMORPG GodsWar Online, players can choose between two playable factions. Sparta and Athens are hostile toward each other, giving those on both sides plenty of opportunities to face each other in combat. If they want to engage in PvP against players from the same faction, however, combatants may have been feeling like they were being given the cold shoulder. That will soon change soon with the upcoming introduction of a new arena that promises to turn up the heat. For those who can never get enough PvP action, here’s a preview of the new Trojan Arena.


GodsWar New Arena


The Trojan Arena

The Trojan Arena is specially designed for PvP. There are no computer-controlled enemies in the arena. As a result, players can focus on PvP combat without worrying about being attacked by NPCs. To enter the Trojan Arena, players will need to speak with a special NPC. Once inside, they will find a heart-shaped, closed area in the middle part of the arena where players can fight against each other. NPC physicians and vendors offer their services to either fully restore dead player characters after resurrection or sell a variety of potions for combatants to use.


Free PvP Style Gives Players More Choices

There are no rigid limitations on combat in the Trojan Arena. When players are ready, they simply enter the arena and challenge anyone except their teammates to a duel. The choice is up to the players whether they want to fight one-on-one, solo against multiple opponents, join a group scuffle.


More Features Planned

At first, the Trojan Arena will focus on offering players fun, competitive combat against players from the same faction, but the GodsWar Online team expects to add more features in the future. For example, they may give players more areas to choose from, exclusive rewards, or other entertaining options.

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