GodsWar Revealing——Interaction System

* The content of introductions listed below is all from the current Alpha testing version of GodsWar Online (http://gw.igg.com). Please check the final edition for exact information.

Compared with other games, MMOs take advantage of their interactive capabilities available through the internet. The interaction system in GodsWar Online is designed to bring to life the mutual communication among Players and let you experience something natural while enjoying the virtual gaming world. Thus you will feel you are in a different world rather than continuously dull gaming.

There are 5 functions which are available in GodsWar Interaction System including the chatting function, friend-adding function, Guild function, Team function and Polis function etc. Each of them has its own unique and different functions. In addition, the Polis functions which have been introduced to you in previous text, we continue to introduce the others in brief as following:

Chatting function
1. You can chat through 5 free channels among the polis, region, guild, team and private message, plus one payable world channel.
2. System information is announced on the chatting interface, such as the player’s obtaining of superior items and the exploiting of events underway.

Friend-adding function
1You can add favorite friends to your contact list and block unwelcome contacts as well.
2 You can call on your friends or teleport yourself to your friends instantly.
3 You can easily switch between the interface for your team and chatting.

Team function
1 You can establish teams.
2 The extra bonus of the team is shared by every member.
3 The function of instant grouping lets you to team up with the player near by.

Guild function
1 Guild is a branch of the poleis system, thus it’s impossible to establish a Guild with players from different poleis.
2 The amount of effective members in a guild will bring an extra bonus to every member’s abilities.
3 If the guild ranks as the Top 1 in the capital competition for guilds, its members will also obtain rich rewards.

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