Introductions to the Holy City of Zu World

Zu Online (, the new 3D MMORPG game from IGG ( has amazed tons of gamers with its unique game experience. Now the staff at IGG are going to introduce the important cities of Zu to their players.

Holy City is the birthplace of the Swordsmen and the Bead Fairy, and is also one of the most important cities in the Zu World.
Lotus Palace, Truth Palace, Sword Grave Peak and the Fairy Pavilion are all indispensable architectural marvels in Holy City. An important NPC called Whitebrow lives in the Lotus Palace and is one of the judicial leaders in Zu. Whitebrow can also instruct players how to go to the Righteous Pagoda instance. Players can find the Warehouse Master in Truth Palace, and he can help players deposit items that are not being used. Swordsmen can also learn skills from their outstanding leader, the High Swordsman, who resides in Sword Grave Peak. Similarly, the Bead Fairy can learn skills from their leader, the Jade Pool Fairy, who resides in the Fairy Pavilion.
The Medicine Master near Mythic Tree sells various medicine which can restore players HP or SP quickly. The Pet Master stands near the Medicine Master and sells pet eggs, pet food and pet equipment. Additionally, the Gear Judge can help Swordsmen and Bead Fairy repair their equipment, and he also sells a variety of equipment.
Also in Holy City, there are many Ride Guardians who are able to help players travel around the city swiftly. Zhanshun stands near the Mythtic Tree, Qingan is in the Lotus Palace, Linf is in the Truth Palace, Sinyou stands near the Dragonhead Cliff Gateway, Xuin stands near the Moon Cliff Gateway, and Ger stands near the Cloud Cliff Gateway. These Ride Guardians can also teleport players outside of the city.

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