May 28th Update: Dancer, new pets and football fiesta!

We are very pleased to offer you a great update on May 28th.

It’s time to move your body! Dance with your friends, hypnotize monsters with glamorous moves, yes, the Dancer class is now available to you!!
The dancer class is able to control your enemies, decrease its defense, speed and strength, steal health points and many more skills!
Of course, the new Dancer class will be accompanied with its job quests and dedicated items to level up accordingly.

The second important news is the new quests available for high level heroes. Team up with your fellows and face the dangers of the new instanced quests:

  • Greedy Cat’s Food Mission
  • Big Frankie’s Lover Mission,
  • Find out lover’s spirit Mission

Hey, it’s not over!! We have some surprises and new items in the shop:

  • New special edition pets: you may find the new third special edition pets in the vending machines. Wanna try your luck and get a very rare pet?
  • Football fiesta over Europe : Football will set Europe on fire in June. Support your favourite national team in DOMO with the national team flags during the competition!


  • New ornamental items to change your look
    • Cheerleader, Bounty Hunter and Samuraï costumes
    • Scottish Butterfly Ribbon and Cute Butterfly Ribbon
  • Dreamstone Shard Powder that restores maximum 200 HP of your weapon.


We hope that you will have fun in June with all these new contents.

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