New Aion Update Addresses Player Concerns

A new update to Aion today addresses some of the game’s mechanics based on player feedback and adds incentives for players who have been absent to return to the game.

Aion Jan Update

Exclusive content for returning players:

New areas called Abbeys have been added to each faction’s main city, which can be used exclusively by players who have not logged in for 30 days to help them catch up with gear upgrades, daily and one-shot quests and an Energy of Repose recharge pad. In addition, returning players will gain boosted instance rewards that will also transfer to their entire party, providing regular players an incentive to join up with returning players.


Enhancements for ALL players:

The manastone system is also receiving an overhaul. With the new system, if an attempt at socketing a new manastone fails, only the new manastone will be destroyed while all previously socketed manastones will be maintained. This is balanced by a slightly reduced success rate at socketing new manastones. Players will require approximately 60 percent fewer stones to completely socket their gear under this new system.

Aion Abbey

Players will also get the ability to enchant items beyond +15 using a newly implemented Amplification System. By using a new “Amplification tool” and either a “Amplification stone” or an identical copy of the item being broken through, players can add unlimited enchantment. Though there is a 100 percent chance of success for breakthrough, there is still some risk involved. Items that reach +20 enchantment will earn a random enchantment skill, but if enchanting an item after Amplification fails, the item will drop back down to the previous max enchantment level and require the entire process to be restarted. Amplification tools will be available from the General Goods Merchant NPCs in capital cities and Amplification stones can be obtained from the bosses of some instances. Items that have been purified can be still use Amplification and vice versa.


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