RAN Online Global Tournament 2007 @ Thailand Results!

Greetings RAN Players!

myRosso, the company behind the revolutionary free-to-play MMORPG RAN Online, is announcing the winners for the RAN Online Global Tournament, the biggest PvP regional tournament in Southeast Asia, held on the 7th of October at the ground floor of the Esplanade Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

The host themselves, Thailand, has managed to emerge as the champion for the RAN Online Global Tournament while The Philippines emerged as the 1st runner up. Not doing very badly ourselves, Malaysia emerged as the 2nd runner up and the last but not least, Indonesia emerged as the 3rd runner up.

Even though Malaysia only managed to grab the 2nd runner up position, we believe that our own players have done their best. myRosso would like take this opportunity to thank all the participants and the players that have made this a successful event.

That’s it for now RAN Players!

We’re proud of the Malaysian team, once again congratulations to all of the winners and this has been a good eye opener for everyone who has participated in the whole series of the battle.

RAN Online Global Tournament 2007 @ Thailand Results
Champion – Thailand
1st Runner up – Philippines
2nd Runner up – Malaysia
3rd Runner up – Indonesia

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