The Breakthrough of RAN Online!

It’s finally here! MyRosso is proud to present to you, the latest episode of [RAN Online, EP5: The Evolution]! The whole new episode is finally here!

Brand new server, Hokkaido!
Not forgetting a whole brand new server, Hokkaido, will be launched together for more spots for levelling and maps has been modified for better movements and lesser hassle.

Start of the new phase : RAN EP5 Evolution!
It has been a hassle with the fact that most players are stuck with their favorite classes but not with their own true gender.

Non-stop In-Game Events & Roadshows!
Double experience events, server events, and even constant in-game events will be conducted from time to time!

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Hesitate no more and join us in this whole new episode of more fun and adventurous journey!

Ran Online Team (Malaysia)

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