ValentineÂ’s day update: new contents to come !

After the adventures with the lovely pets in the World of the Kunlun Mirror, GameTribe is planning your next epic experience with new higher level maps and quests and the special Valentine’s day celebration!

The new hot features that we are preparing for you are:

  • Valentine’s day quest: a very special event to enjoy playing with your sweetheart
  • 4 new higher level maps and quests to raise your character up to level 40-45
  • Job quests new episodes (lvl 40) to master your class
  • Goodie bag: take a chance to get a random item from the marvelous goodie bag! You might find in them even some very rare items such as Valentine’s day Heart Crown. But hurry up, goodie bags will be available only for a short time!


These new contents of DOMO will be released on February 13th.

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