WildStar: Details of Bay of Betrayal Revealed

WildStar: Details of Bay of Betrayal Revealed

Carbine’s Adventures team has revealed new details about Bay of Betrayal, a new Adventure coming in Invasion: Nexus, and currently playable on the PTR.

Bay of Betrayal introduces a tailored difficulty level system, where the acolytes racing against you adjust their difficulty based on your group’s previous medals, making your competitors increasingly harder to beat. The Adventure also focuses on group coordination, fast-paced gameplay, and challenges to combat and puzzle solving skills.

Players also gain access to “technopathy” in the instance, a new ability which lets players siphon energy from power sources and use it to interact with Eldan technology. This can be used in many ways to assist players in the Adventure, including forcing your will on Eldan-augmented creatures.

Loot in the instance will be mostly on par with lower-end Veteran Dungeon rewards, with gold-medal players getting higher end loot and unique gear. Read more about the Adventure here.

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