World Championship League 2008

World Championship League 2008
World Championship League, or WCL, made its opening salvo last February 16, 2008. WCL is a Kingdom War-type league wherein WYD players from Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Philippines and Global server fight it out to be the best WYD server. WYD Global is relatively new to the game and to the league format compared to WYD giants Korea and Brazil. Will WYD Global make a stand and be the best WYD server?


WCL Match WYD Global vs WYD Korea
Last February 19, 2008, WYD Global faced off with the WYD powerhouse – Korea. The two servers fought a battle of power as each team rushed to kill their opponents’ king. The Koreans are the first to kill the Global Server’s General but shortly, Global managed to dispatch Korean’s General. An intense rush followed. Both Korea and Global are destroying each other’s barracks and disposing the guards. After a few more minutes, Korea got the upperhand and killed the opponent’s King. The Korea won the match and gave the Global server its first defeat.
The next match for WYD Global will be on February 22, 2008 against Philippines. Will the Global Server stand up now and win? As of the meantime, enjoy the video of our first match between Korea and Global server

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