WYD Global Episode III: The Aftermath

Kephra’s Defeat
;With the help of Archangel Kafma, the Kephra Boss Monster was finally defeated. Wydians were rewarded by the Gods and found a way to access the “Unknown Continent”. The realms of the Unknown Continent are abounding with numerous wonders and possibilities.
Given the access to the Unknown Continent, Wydians were able to learn and acquire another great level of knowledge. This new great knowledge enables them to control their souls.

Now, Soul Class level can be achieved.
War Breaks Out
While kingdoms are trying to fully recover from the great chaos and destruction the Kephra Boss Monster has made, Harden, an ambitious Seraph with great power, started to worry that these kingdoms might grow too powerful, too strong and too big that can threaten him and his evil plans to take over the mortal world.
Harden together with Nesses, a magician from the Kingdom Koren, saw a weakness of Wydians which they can use against them. They aim to divide the two kingdoms that united during the struggle to kill Kephra. They sent corrupted Seraphs to infiltrate each kingdom and influenced them to fight each other for wealth, resources, land, power and fame. They took advantage on the greed of man. They want Wydians to wage war to each other until one destroys another.

War is upon us! Which side are you on?

Prepare for the Citizen War!

System Updates and Changes

• Soul Class Character
• Ranking System

• Citizen Relocation System

• Character Sealing System

• Skill Revisions

• Food System Removal

• New NPCs

• Tax System

• New War System

• Casino System

• New Hidden Ruin Map

• +12 Upgrade System

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