Xiah announces “Free Item” section in the Item Mall

San Jose, CA October 23rd, 2007 – Xiah announced today that it be adding a new section to the Item Mall. The Item Mall will have a new “Free” section where players will be able to select many different items which can be used for a trial period. Players are able to purchase the item after the trial period has ended if they choose to do so.

The first batch of items are listed below. Each item has different level requirements before a user can select that item and also each item has different usage period.

FREE Heaven hammer : Gathering ITEM (for 1 hour)
FREE EXP Grail A : Premium ITEM (for 1 day)
FREE FEMA EXP Grail A : Premium ITEM (for 1 day)
FREE PET EXP Card A : Premium ITEM (for 1 day)

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