Xiah Interview

OnRPG: Can you explain the classes and their abilities please?

Mage – this female character uses a fan and brush to combat her enemies. Her speed makes up for her lack of strength and stamina. The Mage character is capable of healing other members in her guild as well as taming monsters. Her quick speed is a valuable asset during group play.

Sword Man – equally skilled in offensive and defensive skills due to his great strength and high stamina. This character uses swords as his main weapon of choice.

Ghost Fighter – uses a talon and tonfa as his primary weapons. This character relies on his speed and ability to poison enemies. What he lacks in the category of Life stats, is more than compensated with his high level of attack power. Has two special fighting skills which make him a great asset during combat. The ability to appear dead when around enemies and the ability to ascertain an opponent’s information can prove to be invaluable during battle.

Warrior – relies on his natural strength and stamina to overpower his enemies. He also has the ability to confuse his opponents during combat. This is a great choice for beginners due to his high stamina level. The Warrior’s slow attack speed is a slight disadvantage, but can be compensated by the high level of damage that he is able to inflict on enemies during battle. This character is a valuable addition during combat since he is able to block attacks by confusing the enemy.

OnRPG: What features set Xiah apart from other online role-playing games on the market already?

There are a few elements that set Xiah apart from other online role-playing games that are on the market. First of all, Xiah is an Asian-themed MMORPG. There are not many games within this category that currently are focusing on this theme. Another unique element is that gamers can use a game pad in addition to the traditional keyboard. This is a first-of-its-kind feature in the online gaming world. The game pad is something gamers enjoy since it brings a sense of familiarity when it comes to controllability. It also is more comfortable to use during extended game-play.

OnRPG: Are there any boss, or raid type monsters?

Yes, there are “boss” monsters in Xiah. These bosses are different from the other monsters of the same type in that are stronger (need more effort to kill) and they drop more valuable items when killed that players can pick up. We also included monsters that are not boss monsters, but are extremely challenging.

OnRPG: Are there things to do other than fight monsters in Xiah?

Yes, there are many things players can do other than fighting monsters. You can undertake a quest, open and operate a personal store, interact with other players from all over the world in real-time among other things.

OnRPG: There are a lot of games coming out over the next few months, why should people pick Xiah over any of the others?

There are many games expected to launch in Q4 of this year as well as Q1 of 2007. Xiah offers many elements which players have been asking for from MMORPGs. Xiah was designed to be easier to play for beginners than other MMORPGs while still offering plenty of excitement and challenges. Also, the graphics are extremely detailed and the Asian-theme is a unique category for MMORPGs. The other element which we focused on to different Xiah from other games on the market is that of creating an extensive community system.

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