Zu Online: Desert City Tour

Zu Online (www.zu.igg.com), the new 3D MMORPG game from IGG (www.igg.com) has amazed tons of gamers with its unique game experience. Below is the introduction to another important city of Zu, prepared by the staff at IGG to help players become more familiar with the world of Zu Online.

Desert City is the birthplace of 3 of the 5 clans in Zu, so it has an especially important role to play as a base of operations for these clans and their leaders. The clans based here include the Summoner clan, the Moonmaiden clan and the Sun Warrior clan.

Purple Fire Hall, Moon Castle, Swallow Peak, Splendor Peak and the Soul-store Cliff are all important places in Desert City. An NPC called the High Summoner in Purple Fire Hall is the Summoners’ leader. Summoners can learn skills from their leader, and he can also help Summoners upgrade their skills. Behind the High Summoner is Lord Daluo, a very important NPC, because players can accept the “Pass Calamity” quest from him when they pass level 60. There is also an auctioneer on each side of the High Summoner, and they can help players deposit items that are not being used, or players can sell unused items to them as well. Another important NPC called Wushan lives in Moon Castle and plays an important role in the Moonmaiden faction. Players can upgrade their skills and learn skills from her. The Sun Warriors’ leader Xaotato lives in Swallow Peak, and Sun Warriors can upgrade their skills and learn skills from him.
The Puppet Lord lives in Splendor Peak and sells a variety of equipment, and he can help players repair their equipment as well. Players in Desert City can also find their respective leaders to repair their equipment, or find the Zombie Lord near the Puppet Lord to repair their equipment. The Zombie Lord also sells various medicine which can restore players’ HP or SP quickly. The NPC standing between the Puppet Lord and the Zombie Lord is the Rickets Elder, and players can accept a 10-round quest or a 100-round quest from him. Jamon who lives in Soul-store Cliff can help players deposit items that are not being used. Players can buy fusion scrolls and fusion materials from Gufa (Jamon’s Disciple).

Also in Desert City, there are many Ride Guardians who are able to help players travel around the city swiftly. Wuin can help players travel to Purple Fire Hall, Leu can help players travel to Moon Castle, Jaba can help players travel to Swallow Peak , and Tsanyin can help players travel to Splendor Peak. The Pet Master near Tsanyin sells pet eggs, pet food and pet equipment. Also, behind the Pet Master is the Earth God, who is a big help to novices that are still not familiar with the game.

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