Zu Online: Detailed Description of Pet System

In the world of Zu Online–http://zu.igg.com, pets are not only status symbols, but also can help you a lot. Once players have their own pets, their HP, MP, Attack Damage, Physical Defense and Magic Defense will be increased. Pets allow you to travel overland more quickly than on foot when you ride them. Even more, these pets can be equipped with equipment when they reach level 60, which will make them even more powerful.

Ways to Obtain Pets:
1. Players can obtain temporary pets named Ink Kylin through quests when they reach level 20.
2. Players can obtain low level pets called Ursus through quests when they reach level 30.
3. You can also find the Pet Master in Holy City or Desert City and have the option to buy 3 different level pet eggs, which will give you a random pet.

Pet Feeding Instructions:
You have 2 ways to feed your beloved pets. First, players can take their pets for a walk in the pet area to obtain preliminary pet food (each suburban map has a pet area). Second, you can buy various pet foods from the Pet Master in Holy City or Desert City, and different pet foods will have different effects on their experience, degree of fullness, degree of intimacy, HP and perception. Comparatively, the second way will allow your pets to grow more quickly. In addition, you can feed your pets equipment so they can learn skills, the more equipment you feed your pets, the quicker they can learn skills. The skills the pets can learn depends on their perception; they can learn 8 kinds of skills at most.

Pet Attributes Instructions:
1-Experience: Feed your pets experience food to improve their level, but their level cannot exceed yours.
2-Aptitude-Pets have 5 different aptitudes which can affect the pets’ growth. The higher the aptitude they have, the quicker their abilities will improve. The aptitude depends on the type of eggs and is generated randomly.
3-Degree of Fullness-The pets will consume the degree of fullness, so you should feed them when they feel hungry, otherwise, their degree of intimacy will be decreased.
4-Degree of Intimacy-Degree of Intimacy stands for how close you and your pets are, if the degree is very low, your pets may not help you, which can be deadly in battle.
5-Perception-Perception determines how many skills your pets can learn. You can improve their perception by feeding them with perception food.
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